How To Adjust Your Pledge

Step 1: Work out your new total pledge value.

Calculate your new total that wish to pledge for. That is what this site is for  – how ever you probably should compare any results with the official guides (Pledge Guide | Add-On Guide)
This new amount should be based on;

  • the Pledge Level you wish to back
  • The price total of all the extra Addons you wish to include

It’s important that the total you have is GREATER then the levle you wish to pledge for.

NOTE: If the Pledge you wish to go for is no longer available (limited) then you can not just use a lower pledge and place a higher value – it does not work that way on Kickstarter.

Step 2: Get to your account

Once you have your new total worked out. Log into your Kickstarter account (you may already be logged in).

Once logged in go to the Kingdom Death Kickstarter page :

Step 3: Mange your pledge

Once logged in and on the Project page you will see a big green button at the top of the page “Manage your Pledge”. Click on this.

Step 4:  Review your current Pledge values

Once you have opened the “Pledge Management” page you can review your current pledge settings including your current Lledge Level (the value you enter must be more then this), your current Pledge Amount as well as a few other details for the pledge including your payment method and an outline of the pledge details.

To increase your Pledge Level to accommodate more Addons press the “Change your Pledge” button.

Step 5: Adjust and Save

From here it is simply a matter of updatign the value and seelcting continue. you have now updated you pledge amount.


Common Questions

These are generally covered under an FAQ. But since you are reading this you have probably missed that information.

How will the Project Manager know what Items I want with the extra money?

They will ask you. With Kingdom Death a few weeks after the campaign closes they will provide you with a pledge manager to select the items you wanted. It will have your new total credited and you will simply be able to pick ad-dons up to that value. In the previous Kickstarter they even allowed you to make additional payments at this time to add even more things.

When the extra money be taken?

The total amount pledge will be withdrawn by Kickstarter at the end of the campaign. those funds will then be made available to Kingdom Death approximately 2-3 weeks later (due to Credit Card issues etc Kickstarter will allow some time for payment issues to be corrected before ‘finalising’ the campaign payments)

What about Postage?

Please refer to the FAQ (at the bottom of the main project page) on postage. You WILL need to pay for postage at a later date – before your items ship. Postage is NOT INCLUDE here. Depending on what items you pledge for these may be at different times. given the multi year plan for creating and shipping items it’s not possible to easily provide a postage cost at this time. Also be aware that depending your YOUR state or country you may also be changed some form of import duty or tax at the time the item is sent to you. You should be aware of this now and if you are not likely to want to pay any more at a later time consider cancelling your pledge now.