Anna the Gourmet Hunter was a birthday gift Lokman and I worked on for Anna. It was the precursor to Nightmare Adam! Anna is very shy and has decided not to be in the public eye. She has worked with me on Kingdom Death from the very beginning! Anna’s approach to rules writing is to keep things human-understandable and it really shines in the intro tutorial she created, which is an amazing way to start a very large game!

The Gorm is pretty much all Anna’s work, she was the lead monster programmer and wrote all the events for it, including describing the artwork she envisioned for the book! She was also the brain behind the Fairy Ring and the Flower Knight’s showdown mechanic. The recent idea to make the Pariah showdown an upsidedown battle was also her. Her influence is all over the project and the project is lucky to have her!

Her reaction to us raising $4M in 48 hours was: “BURY ME IN DEVELOPMENT I AM READY TO MAKE MORE MONSTERS.”

Gameplay wise I am using this as an opportunity to expand the Cooking Recipes (added to the AKD:M rulebook) and explore developing fighting arts and disorders that focus on the culinary expansion of a settlement. Food is… insanely important to a developing civilization!