A special nemesis spawned from my deepest creative salt mine. Get ready for death with a side of death.

Atnas the Child-Eater is a special holiday addition to the Gamblers Chest and is The TwitchGamingNight’s reward I have selected! This is a unique opportunity for us to create a very special nemesis monster based on real deal old school folk lore and fairy tails. That stuff is so damn dark. Its amazing! Don’t expect an easy fight. In fact if you add him to your campaign, I assure a miserable time for your settlement, as your children are ground into powder and sprinkled over the bones of those that dare defy Atnas.

I am going to make this so unfrogiving and so brutal you will curse my name and damn the day this was voted for as a reward. YEAH! In fact, Atnas is so awful, the other entities have divided it into pieces and scattered them across Kingdom Death. You are going to have to WORK to put this jerk back together. Oh and once Atnas is complete, it will turn around and ruin you!

I can’t believe you guys beat my Mario state in 2 hours! I should have said only a backer could beat it, didn’t think of pro twitch streamers.

Content Pitch (subject to change as we finalize development)