In the First Hero Expansion, players take the role of 4 veteran survivors who have no settlement to call their own. They find and invade a settlement where they face the First Hero, a survivor so powerful, they do all the hunting by themselves! The purpose of this expansion is to help players start more advanced campaigns at Lantern Year 12 or 20. Instead of simply providing complicated rules to generate later settlements, your showdown with the First Hero will create the advanced settlement that you can take over.

The showdown with the First Hero introduces a new mechanic wherein survivors can attack and destroy the First Hero’s weapons and items. Unfortunately once you destroy a weapon it is removed from the settlements storage which you are about to inherit. Instead players can attempt the fight without ruining their potential plunder… but run a very high risk of losing their experienced survivors.

the expansion will also include new story events and settlement events themed around invaders killing a settlements hero and what outcomes the newcomers might face. (like being murder in their sleep!)