The ultimate survivor, Goth Amy always narrowly escapes death.

She endured the great fall, scrambling in mid-air over plummeting, screaming survivors to land on top of the less fortunate broken bodies below.

She escaped the Dark Seamstress, stealing a blade and chopping off its grasping hand. Amy found several studded bracelet trophies wrapped around its stump.

Even as she awoke falling to her doom, Goth Amy felt an inkling that she belongs. Casting aside fear and compassion, she relished a place where the last threads of her humanity could be cast aside with glee.


Goth Amy is classified as a “Wanderer”, which is a new campaign-related system we have not introduced yet. (Full wandered rules will be in the Advanced KDM rulebook). To keep campaigns balanced, and the difficulty curve where we want it, campaigns can only include a limited number of Wanderers. This number depends on the potential impact the Wanderer has on the development of the settlement and the nodes selected for the campaign. The Wanderer system is something we will heavily test while we develop and fine tune everything. KDM is about the whole settlement and we want to improve and refine upon that design direction.
The design pitch of a Wanderer is that it has a decent amount of game content, including a story event or two. The challenge in the design will be to keep them fun and interesting, without the entire campaign changing to be about them. I know we are up for the task, but I felt like being open and honest about my intended direction for them!