The Honeycomb Weaver Expansion comes with 2 forms. The 10 Year version is a node 1 monster that can be fought Lantern year 1 of the campaign! The 100 year form is a node 3 monster that provides a much more powerful set of armor and weapons.

The Honeycomb Weaver carefully creates amazing honeycomb sculptures and gingerly arranges an assortment of corpses within it. The monster will try to keep your body intact, as it makes uses of all your precious death gases! After injecting you with its own bile gas kiss, it seas your open orifices with wax taming you into an awe-some, bloating, sulphur-honey-corpse pot.

After you body has finally exploded into sulphur-honey, the weaver carefully collects the substance, organising it within its honeycomb structure. Then it hollows out your skull, seals it with was and puts exactly 1 Nightmare Bee Egg (name pending) into it. This of course, is then neatly arrange within its lithe structure. The Honeycomb Weavers are very fussy monsters!

The Weavers are dangerous, capable of skull shattering whip hammer head buns, and long legged rib shattering kicks. Alas, they only reason to such terrible violence when they are threatened. As they prefer to keep your body intact for sulphur-honey and baby bee making!
The Nightmare Bee’s are their main way of taking out prey. There precious single sting will instantly kill a man or woman. is not even a fantastic dramatic death. You just kinds fall over… dead.

To a Bummer! Avoid them if you can! Provided you avoid don’t get covered in attack pheromones.