Everyone that has climbed to the base of the inverted mountain tells the same story about the unthinkable view and the strange men. Above the clouds, they find the summit’s plateau bathed in the light of a titanic but hanging in the distant sky. The glowing fruit faintly illuminates the outline of a world-sized tree. In the middle of the plateau, a motionless man sits staring at the distant hull. His rapturous gaze emanating from his burnt eyes, promising death. Each story ends the same, fleeing in mortal tenor before the man’s gaze should fall upon you.


The Inverted Mountain campaign combines the Frog Dog, Oblivion Mosquito, Pariah, Black Knight, Red Witches, Nightmare Ram and Gryphon expansions into one, baller badass campaign! Complete with unique story events, innovations, gear, hunt event cards, settlement events and all the bells and whistles. Guide the People of the Mountain. Struggle with them to survive. Climb the treacherous Inverted Mountain. Battle the Man that sits alone. atop it All!