One day, a survivor awoke to find their face stolen by the Oblivion Mosquito. Even their own family looked straight into their eyes but did not see them. Dejected, overcome with loss the survivor drifted from their home to the indifferent stares of they comrades and loved ones.
Some time ago. the Oblivion Mosquitoes had flitted near. Its bite was pain-less, saliva filled with enzymes rendering its bite lust a warm wet pressure like a kiss on the ear. Mixed in the saliva. tiny eggs, aggressive and growing quickly in the nutrient rich fibers of a survivor’s brain.

In the saliva, there is also a harmless virus that passes easily from survivor to survivor. The infected begin to lose sight of the eggs host, Their face dis, appearing. The virus will erase the face of the survivor as the egg mature in their brain.

When the eggs are ready to hatch they disrupt the neurotransmitters of the host, dragging them into a pit of despair. In this slate they wander out into the darkness following the invisible trail of pheromones that will lead them back to the mosquito that laid the eggs.

As the survivor wanders alone, the egg s begin to hatch. The strongest larvae will devour the rest, leaving it to feast on the survivors’ brain matter leaving a lurching husk.

When the larva pupates it will detach the survivors head from its body. Wearing the head like a shell, the toothsome pupa will drag the remaining corpse thru its slimy trail back to its mother. When they finally meet they share their first and last meal of the survivor’s remains. Bathed in the hormones of its mothers saliva, the pupa matures, sprouting wings and flying off to live its own lonesome existence.
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