The Red Witches are the enforcers of the White Speaker Cult. Above the Cults own sacred laws, they are the only ones given permission to all kill cult members. The Red Witches remove potential threats to the order, chase down exiles and search for resources and relics to add to the cults armory.

Their Witching cloaks are sewn from the hairs of the Red Haired Dragon stomach lining, which allows the wearer to physically switch places with another wearer. Using a network of cult members in training, they are able to rapidly travel using their cloak. The training is a mandatory part of the cult. Training to become a Red Witch is harsh and combines long periods of solitary travelling with a sensory deprivation suit. The suits purpose is twofold; to help cultivate trainee’s hyper sensitivity and to protect them from the cloak itself (which eats exposed flesh and might absorb someone completely).

In terms of gameplay, the current pitch is for the Red Witches to be a nemesis that can be added to a campaign. It will be a 3 monster fight and I am super excited about it!. Sprinkle in some position swapping and than some White Speakers in training and things will start to get pretty crazy.

The content will also has planned interactions with Fade, the White Speaker and White Secret story event and Story Telling innovations and the Pariah expansion; a target they ere hunting down.

If the Survivors do manage to defeat the witches and obtain their cloaks. They will still need to steer the campaign in the right direction a find the material needed to craft armor that can withstand the touch of the cloak (currently the black rubbery spit form the Gryphon!) So they can wear them!

Content Pitch (subject to change as we finalise development)