The Pariah is the last male white speaker. He violated the vows of the While Speaker Cult by murdering countless While Speakers, unravelling the quivering lobes of their brains to piece together a forbidden story hidden in the cults members.

Once learned, the story bestowed the Pariah with Cyclopean Empathy, a means of communication so deep and personal that it could speak to the core of a person with a single gesture. The Pariah, empathy is so complete that he can manipulate any wounded heart to obey his capricious whims.

The Pariah Expansion adds a new nemesis to your campaign! This intelligent and malicious monster slaughters the survivors in two completely different ways. First, on the ground at the doorstep of the settlement. And then again, high on the inverted mountain in a daring upside down battle! The Pariah’s toe strength is so great that it can effortlessly scale the sheerest of inverted surfaces with ease. Running through mazes of iron ring pitons that the Pariah has secured over many lantern years as desperate survivors dangle above death.

The Pariah will halt your campaign’s progress until it is defeated! Spreading doubt and manipulating your population until nothing but broken minds remain. The only way to break free is to take the fight to its mountain lair.

The survivors will need to develop new innovations, fighting arts, and gear in order to have a hope of driving the Pariah away.

This is our first expansion to introduce an alternate version of the Monsters Sculpture, representing a more serious, death defying aerial battle. GOOD LUCK!

Content Pitch (subject to change as we finalizeĀ development)