Shipping Details & Shipping Waves

One thing we’ve learned from managing the impossibly huge number of reward combinations from our first campaign is to strike a balance between timely delivery of rewards to our eager fans and being logistically responsible to our staff and partners. So here’s what we’ve decided about shipping rewards for this campaign.

We have set the estimated delivery of all pledge levels to December 2020. This is a best case scenario, in case our campaign gets insanley huge! 3-4 years development, production & transportation cycle to 100% finish every promise we might make during this campaign is realistic.

Rewards from this Kickstarter will ship in waves that will be determined by the final scope of this campaign. Each wave’s shipping costs will be collected through a pledge manager (most likely backerkit) when the goods are ready to ship. Shipping costs will reflect the actual cost to ship your pledge and any additional rewards you selected from that wave.

Like our previous campaign, we will make our best efforts to ease the burden of shipping by fulfilling rewards from shipping partners around the world (projected as: US, CA, EU, AU.)

Backers are responsible for any and all import fees, VAT, duties, taxes, post office fees, and or any other fees their country or government imposes.

Wave 1 РEstimated Delivery Summer 2017 

Core Game / 1.4 Update Pack
United States… $25 / $10
European Union… $40 / $20
Canada… $30 / $15
Australia… $40 / $20
Rest of World… $100 / $30

Wave 2 – Estimated Delivery Spring 2018
Gambler’s Box, Promo and cross-over figures
United States… $20 + $2 per Add on
European Union… $20 + $2 per Add on
Canada… $20 + $2 per Add on
Australia… $20 + $2 per Add on
Rest of World… $30 + $2 per Add on

Wave 3 – Estimated Delivery Spring 2019
New Expansions
United States… $15 + $5 per additional expansion
European Union… $15 + $5 per additional expansion
Canada… $15 + $5 per additional expansion
Australia… $15 + $5 per additional expansion
Rest of World… $30 + $5 per additional expansion

Wave 4 & Beyond –¬†Estimated Delivery Winter 2020
Even I don’t know for 100% what may happen during this campaign.

Please note that the contents and prices of each wave are estimates and are subject to change depending on the final size of this campaign.

Pledges finalized after the pledge manager deadline passes will ship from the United States and will incur additional shipping costs and potential delays. Shipments that could not be delivered due to an inaccurately provided address (including failure to update an old address) will have additional costs to be reshipped. Due to the size of your rewards, we cannot ship to PO Boxes.